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During over 13 years of existence in business, our trainers have helped 5 automotive producers in entering 25 new car models into the Polish market.

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Who are we?

As an automobile enthusiasts we are dedicated to supporting the development of skills in area of: sales, customer services, after-sales service, sales and aftersales departments management and automotive technology. Our trainers have a university degree in the field of automotive technology knowledge and long-term practical experience.

You can trust us

We are operating for more than 13 years, which is the guarantee of our reliability. Mainly thanks to our customers satisfied  over the years, we have became one of the leaders in the wide area of automotive trainings. To this day, we worked with more than 25 automotive companies. We are co-creators of Polish market success achievement of such famous brands as: Opel, DAF, Solaris, Volvo, Infiniti, Kia, Nissan, Fiat, Saab, Seat, SsangYong, Toyota, Chevrolet and Renault Trucks.

To whom we dedicate our offer?

We work only with automotive manufacturers, dealerships or  customer service centers.

Our offer

The main area of our activity is training in the field of automotive sales, customer service, management and automotive technology. As a few we have been training on the handling, diagnosis and repair of heavy vehicles over 6.0 tonnes GVW in other words trucks. In addition, we have been translating service manuals, technical documentation and texts concerning automotive aftersales and sales areas. EXACTLY KNOW OUR OFFER.

How do we conduct our trainings?

The workshops are dynamic and interactive, which guarantees a high level of energy in the group. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR TRAINING.

Have you more questions?

Do not wait and contact us immediately. We’ll get back to you within one day. WRITE TO US.